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"JazakiAllahukhierun for what seems like a really big effort masha'Allah. I'm not one to throw compliments around but I really wanted to tell you I was impressed with the site, masha'Allah. It has a lot of useful information on it masha'Allah and I really liked how you laid it out.

One thing I have found (I was born and raised in the US) is that young, especially American, Muslim women don't always have the right idea about how amazing and beautiful a marriage based on Islamic principles can be. We are sometimes made to think, especially by popular culture, that anything not rooted in a steamy, romantic, dating-based relationship, is not "real love."

This is, of course, so far from the truth, but it is a fallacy I once subscribed to, especially in my teen years. I was married at age 23 and prior to getting married, I too started to educate myself about what Islam says about marriage and then found that "real love" based on a mutual desire to worship Allah (swt) is possibly the greatest gift ever." M.A., San Diego
"I finally read all the blogs so far, I just LOVE them. I feel like she is actually speaking about my marriage. SubhanAllah, since my daughter was born, I seem to have become this controlling wife, and I don't like this person. I was much sweeter before. I am going to do my best to start accepting compliments and definitely not tell my husband how I would do things, especially driving. I love the line 'I apologize for being disrespectful when I...' Simple and straight to the point. I will use this next time.

Alhamdulillah we do thank each other and I always tell him how grateful I am that he works all day and provides for us mashaAllah, and anything he does. He always thanks me for even the smallest things like making the bed, which makes me feel great :) ... I feel a new lady. I really do hope inshaAllah I can implement her [Laura Doyle, Wise Wives' speaker] ideas." L.R., Corona
"Wise Wives is a great program because the things we learn and talk about take us back to our basics in regards to how our religion told us to have a successful marriage. This is especially helpful when everything around us, society and today's norms, tend to cause us to stray from these basics.

When we go back to them, life is good again."
M.H., Lake Forest
"Last night when I showed up for the class I was wary of what might happen, in my head I thought we were going to sit in the masjid and be told how to accept our taqdeer/ fate and be okay with whatever our husbands are and however our relationships have been molded over the years and accept that this is IT! But what a surprise I got when I realized we were actually going to be proactive and positive and empower ourselves!!! THANK YOU!!!" 
M.A., Irvine
"I just wanted to tell you how informative and interesting the last session was.  I really enjoyed it! I think the group is a great effort and Inshaallah it will grow into something beneficial to us all." J.H., Irvine
"Thank you Laura [Doyle, Wise Wives' speaker] for showing me my controlling ways, I really am thankful :O) and thank you Angie for putting it all together!!! I learned so much about myself and the power I have to improve or ruin this relationship of mine! I totally feel empowered!!

I do however feel sad that there won't be another class on Wednesday [Laura Doyle's private 4-week seminar]. I will miss my safe place that I had built around you all and looked forward to all week." M.A., Irvine
"It's so funny that we, the religious sisters, want to have the Prophet [saw] as our husbands but we ourselves are NOT Khadija or Aisha and SubhanAllah it is amazing to see HOW MUCH a wife can change the family atmosphere by just smiling and being the joy, Sakeena and cheer of the house." H.U., England
"I like how she [Laura Doyle, Wise Wives' speaker] explained that "surrendering" doesn't mean mindlessly dumbing yourself down or giving up, but it just means to not belittle your husband by controlling everything he does as if he's a child, and rather let him BE the man and trust and support him to do so, good article." M.H., Laguna Hills
"Wise Wives' website/blog was very helpful for me in building a good relationship with my husband. Now I understand him better and small changes in my life made a big difference.

Thanks to you and the team who is working hard on this good cause." A.V., Southern California
"First, thank you Angie for sharing this series ["Lessons from Laura" blog series] with us.  I read them now and then, if I can get a minute or two at the computer, and I always mean to say thanks to you for taking the time to share with us all. 

I have to admit I have conflicting feelings about the advice that Laura gives.  Part of me thinks she's right on target and that I should start implementing her techniques immediately, and then part of me (I think this is the former feminist and admittedly selfish part of me) wonders 'Why do wives, who are already extremely busy and probably overwhelmed with raising kids, cleaning the house, nurturing everyone, working inside and outside, have to do all this hard work to keep their marriages afloat?' Followed instantly by the thought, 'Where's the list for husbands?!  Why shouldn't they be in charge of maintaining their relationship with us?!'

But then I remember that whatever efforts I make are for the sake of Allah (swt).  This is not a competition where I should be keeping a mental score, i.e. 'I did this, so now he should do that.'  My husband has rights on me, and the more I fulfill, the more rewards I get from Allah (swt).  So the unselfish, Muslim part of me defeats the selfish former feminist and says, 'Yes!  Do these things for Allah (swt) and for your wonderful husband!'

'Be grateful that you have a hardworking, caring, dependable husband and show him your gratitude by making him happy.'" L.A., Southern California
"Thanks so much for organizing this. Laura Doyle [one of Wise Wives' speakers] is one woman who's advice I credit with really helping me in my marriage."
R.R., Los Angeles