Wise Wives Weekly Challenge

Romantic night in.

Prepare a romantic evening at home for the two of you. Candle light dinner, rose petals, watch a movie...
Buy him a gift.

Surprise him with a small (or large) gift that will make him smile. Think of a unique way to present it to him, like hiding it somewhere only he would find it.
Compliment him.

Think of something your husband is not very confident about and compliment him about it. It will build his self esteem and encourage him to want to work on it.
Read Quran together.

Take a few minutes this week to sit and read a page (or more) of Quran with your husband. Then discuss the contents together. This can be a great learning opportunity for the both of you and also a way to connect at a deeper level.
Go out on a date.

Plan a romantic evening out for the both of you.
Send him a loving email.

Choose one day this week and send your husband an email expressing how much you love him. Something short and sweet to brighten his day, maybe while he is at work.
Praise him.

Choose something your husband does on a regular basis, whether it's related to work, extra-curricular activities, religious, or otherwise, and say, "I am proud of you for ..."
Thank him.

At some point this week, before you go to sleep thank your husband for the hard work he does to provide for you and your family.
Pray together.

Make it a point every day this week to pray at least one of the daily prayers together. Hopefully it will turn into a constant habit.
Put a love note in his lunch.

Next time you pack your husband's lunch for work write a little note and stick it in there to make him feel special.
Greet him at the door when he comes home with a hug and a kiss.

Drop whatever you are doing if you are home when your husband comes home and go to him at the door. Show him adoration by showing him that you missed him all day. He will feel very special.
Forgive immediately.

If he hasn’t already, your husband is going to do something that hurts, frustrates or upsets you. Guess what, you are going to do the same thing! Sometimes it might even be on purpose after an argument or misunderstanding.

Forgiveness is a tricky but important virtue in a marriage especially since no one is perfect. Try to allow your husband some room to make a few mistakes because you will also make some of your own. When you make a mistake, act quickly to apologize and fix problems. Doing so will help to encourage forgiveness and strengthen your marriage.